Author: Deya Bautista

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Describing Homes: what’s a 3 1/2 and all those numbers means.

If you are new to Montreal, you’ve probably seen the descriptions for the living space, apartments or homes, signs with 2 ½, or 5 ½ as opposed to “one bedroom condo/home” or “3 bedroom apartment” sort of thing. If you haven’t figured it out yet, here is a quick (and hopefully clear) explanation.

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Intelligent Eco-Friendly Proposal for Silo No.5

Photo credit Ambroise Debret

Silo #5 has been in the news since early this year.

You probably remember reading about it…
All sorts of proposals from different organisations about the future functions for this landmark: anything from a hotel to a mixed-use condo development, an art gallery and even an observatory. The list of ideas goes on.