Checking up on Swatow: Chinatown’s Newest Development

We were due to give you an update on the latest (and best looking) Chinatown construction. So, here you have it: The all new and completely finished Swatow Plaza. Looking sharp, looking proud. It even looks sexy, if that can be possible for a building. There is only one tenant moved in, and so far it looks like the rest of the building is pretty much empty. Not sure what kind of shops will be occupying the shopping plaza, let’s just hope it isn’t going to be another import-type of business. Looking forward to new restaurants, boutiques and  whatever higher-endish business they can come up with.

This is a sneak peek of the first tenant, an antique furniture store. Not yet 100% settled in, but the owner Mr Cheung seems quite accommodating.


Will be posting on the new shops as they move in. Any additional info you may have on the new shops coming to the Plaza please share them in the comments section!