Intelligent Eco-Friendly Proposal for Silo No.5

Photo credit Ambroise Debret

Silo #5 has been in the news since early this year.

You probably remember reading about it…
All sorts of proposals from different organisations about the future functions for this landmark: anything from a hotel to a mixed-use condo development, an art gallery and even an observatory. The list of ideas goes on.

The strongest advocates for restoration are Canada Lands Company (owner of Point-duMolin & Silo No. 5) and Héritage Montréal, they both wish to preserve the silo and utilise the space as visitor’s attraction, integrating it with Montreal’s Old Port’s activities.

Another proposal was recently revealed.

This time, it was Lemay (Architects) and OneCap (Investment) who submitted it. According to Marc-André Carignan, from Journal Métro, their plan:

To arrange the two vast esplanades that would reconnect the industrial site to Rue de la Commune, at the end of which a public market would be built. The silos on the western side, as well as the central metal structure, would be converted into a hotel, while the silos on the east side – the most emblematic section of the site – would host a government innovation centre on sustainable development, an observatory and reception room.”

According to the article, Mayor Coderre is aware of this project. Last week, a meeting with the head of Canada Lands Company was scheduled. The result? We don’t it know yet. But, we are crossing our fingers. Hope it gets accepted.

This has been, by far, the most community and eco-friendly proposal I’ve seen. The Silo was abandoned back in 1996 – without a bit of maintenance.
It’s about time someone takes a final decision about its future.

Old Montreal residents (especially from rue de la Commune Ouest and des Soeurs-Grises) will be happy to see it restored.

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