Former Children’s Hospital: Stadium, Condos, what’s next?

former montreal children's hospital

Shortly after the unveiling of the former Montreal Children’s Hospital 25-million-dollar-sale, where a new baseball stadium was the next big thing, we now have word via CBC News that a change of construction plans has occurred. This bit of info may, or may not, come as a surprise to you: but the project is now rumoured to become a condo development, among other things.

“(…)six towers, some as high as 20 storeys, a park and community centre. Condos would make up the bulk of the residential units, but there are also plans for social housing and a hotel.”

So now, no more stadium? The Brewers didn’t like the layout? Not enough baseball fans in this town? We’re just as puzzled as you are

What’s also extremely puzzling is the mention of  “social housing and a hotel” together, as in both in the same project. We’re scratching our heads over here: How exactly is that going to work? Is this a new rising trend? “Get the hotel room next to a social housing complex”. Hmmm. God knows what other creative use of the former hospital’s space will be decided next week. We’ll be highly attentive.

Tupper residents: brace yourselves.