Gourmet Appetizers and Open Houses – A Good Combination?

Photo: Deya Bautista

I follow some industry blogs from the US, and I was amazed at the way some agencies go about organizing open houses, offering a whole range of catered food. Especially in New York, I’ve seen posts from Open Houses that actually offers a menu of appetizers. Gourmet Food in Open Houses. I find the idea fascinating, but I wonder how effective it really is.

In Montreal, we often use the wine and cheese events, as well as catered food for project openings, and/or corporate events, but I have not seen the first single residential listing “Open House” giving away gourmet food. Not yet, anyway.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit homes whose agent offered coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits. And that’s as far as I’ve seen. In the summer time, I’ve set up open houses with a table full of Italian pastries, juice and lemonade, nothing too elaborate.

When I see the menus from these agencies in New York and L.A offering caviar, beef tartar and other fancy treats, it makes me wonder: does it really work?

The purpose of an open house to show off the home itself and get the visitors acquaintance with the place. It is said, the longer the visitor stays inside the home, the better chances for a sale to happen.

Do these potential buyers stay longer because of the food?
I wouldn’t think so.

Then again, there must be a good reason why this trend is becoming more and more popular in certain cities.

Have you attended an open house serving food?
Did you stay longer because of it?
I’d love to hear your comments!