Hot Development: Le Amherst

Don’t let the ugly angle and raggedy looks fool you. This little project is selling like hot cakes.

Recently found by one of our readers who happened to pass by the area. As he explained: “it was like a flash appearance, one day the lot is empty and next thing you know..WHAM! the building is almost done”

I have to admit, I didn’t see it coming either. And after looking at it in person, didn’t think much of it. Until I checked out their website and took a good look at the number of units sold. Impressive to say the least.
Out of 40 units, only 8 are currently available. A blue light sale?

With the location they have: Amherst and de la Gauchetière; two steps to Old Montreal, Gay Village, Downtown; they are asking a pretty decent price. But enough of the generalities…let’s get to the nitty gritty:

Where: Amherst corner of de la Gauchetière
Size: 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. 40 units in total
How much: Between $151,900 – $199,900
Developer: Mondev Construction
Incentive: “Benefit from our New Access Co-Ownership Program and receive a Cash Deposit toward your purchase of up to 20,000 $ ” (from their CraigsList ad)

Cash deposit of $20,000? Where do I sign?

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