How’s the market: June & July 2010

Catching up with the market updates. August’s market report is not out yet, and while we wait for the new numbers, here is a quick review on how the previous months performed: In terms of sales and active listings, the months of June and July were quite similar.

mtlmarket2010-06 mtlmarket2010-07

Compared to 2009, both months had a decrease in sales.

June’s total sales were down by 19%, while July’s decrease was 26%.
There was also a decrease of the active listings during these two months: 10% less for June and July followed with -7%.

Regardless of the slow market, the median prices of went up.

In June, median prices for Single Family Homes, Condos and Plexes* increased by 8%.
July median prices shows an increase of 5% for Single Family Homes, 8% for condos and 9% for Plexes*

* Plexes (2 to 5 dwellings)

View the complete reports: June 2010 | July 2010. Source: GMREB