News, Home Prices Drops and Readers Bite Back

You can always count on the media and the “Market experts” to make an issue out of something small, like the 0.1% decrease the new home prices in July.

CTV News [Edmonton] reports: “The price of new homes fell 0.1 per cent in July after a 0.1 per cent increase in June — the first drop in more than a year, according to Statistics Canada’s latest report.”

So Statistics Canada comes out with a report that shows a 0.01% price decrease, while another report by the CHMC mentions: “housing starts slipped three per cent in August”.

If I were to read this without taking in consideration the latest market updates for Montreal, I would think our city is also suffering from the same malady as the rest of the Canadian cities involved in this price-drop ordeal. But it just happens that we recently got the numbers from the previous month’s sales and price changes. Sure it wasn’t from the CMHC and Statistics Canada but from a local source like the Montreal Real Estate Board, and even if we haven’t received the news on the August market performance yet, we have a good price increase during the previous summer months.

Something the so-called market experts forget to consider is that Summer Months are usually slower than the rest of the seasons. People take vacations, enjoy time with their families and the last thing on most of their priority list is to buy or get involved with real estate transactions. This is a cyclical industry, and summer is the slowest point of the yearly cycle.

Yet the media is spreading the panic without shame. But readers are biting back!
My favorites are from the CTV News commenters::

Dean in Abby says:
I can’t wait for the “experts” to come out with some doom and gloom philosophy about supply and demand. Oh my god, we must be heading into a dreaded recession again! Come on experts, give us your best. We can take your negativity and your 2.5 minutes in the sun.

Chris in Ottawa says:
Thank you, media, for making an issue out of 0.1 % that is really only an impact in 1/2 dozen cities throughout the whole country. Let’s continue to try to scare Canadians into another downturn. Come on… enough already

David says:
Wow! 0.1%! The sky is falling. Can you imagine the margin of error in all the statistics of home sales when the same homes don’t sell every month. A home in the same neighbourhood next to the one that sold last month can vary by a few hundred thousand. So is it a price reduction or just a different price? 0.1% indeed.

and this one has to be my favorite of all:

Honest Ed says:
Do these “experts” actually ever get out to check what they say? I read the article today, and over the radio (in Montreal) the same story about Montreal housing was mentioned. House construction wad down from last year, and fewer homes were being sold. As I was driving home, guess what? Within a 5 KM distance from my house, there were 3 excavators excavating holes in the ground, and 2 signs for preliminary condo selling. In my area of town (Western Montreal), a house sells within 2-4 weeks after having being listed.

So where do these experts get their data? And do they ever get out from their offices, or are they simply reading whatever is placed on the Net?

Aside from the fact that the article from my perspective seems faulted, I’m getting tired of experts and their “expert” opinions which seem to be projected more as fact than as opinion.