This Blog is Getting International Recognition

I wanted to share a little something with you…
Last Saturday I had the opportunity to talk about the blog and the use of social media with a radio station in Venezuela. Some of you may know, I was born and raised there (that would explain a lot all my grammar errors, eh?), so many of my contacts online are also from down south.

It was through a blogger-friend (thank you Croncho!) that I got referred to the radio station La Mega, to be interviewed with AnaIrene and Nacarid from La Makina on the subject of: How is the social media benefiting your business?
We had a great exchange of ideas and I was asked many questions regarding the way I use the web 2.0 (blog, facebook, twitter, etc..) to market myself and my services. As well as the different types of information we provide on this blog.

I was surprised to hear that not many people in my industry have been using (or being interviewed for using) social media. But even more surprised than me, they were astonished at the fact that here in Canada we’re a little behind (the Real Estate Industry) with the use of technology, web and social media to enhance our client communication and build new relationships. After all, we’re a developed country, n’est pas? I really hope that will change soon.
In any case, I took the liberty to record the interview, and will need to get the permission  first to publish it. But if I do, unfortunately it will be all in Spanish. Sorry in advance for those who: No Habla Español 🙂

It was a fantastic experience to be talking live in a radio show, about the two subjects that I’m very passionate about: Technology and Real Estate.

UPDATE (March 26,2009):
The program has released the interview in podcast version. The program is a little long and they talk about technology, you can find my interview almost at the end of the program itself. Here is the link. Again, is En Español.