Top 10 Real Estate Articles of 2009

This year’s TOP TEN articles, from the most visited to the most commented are listed below.
We’ve noticed a lot of advice articles and tips are getting the most visits, as opposed to the property/development posts like in the 2008 top ten list.
Feel free to browse and comment. Happy reading!

  1. Buying an Income Property to Live in
  2. Describing Homes: what’s a 3 1/2 and all those numbers means
  3. A Staged house that sold in 3 hours
  4. Credit: Biggest Myths, Mistakes, and Misconceptions
  5. Property Hunting: Diligence is the key to your new home
  6. STOP Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage!
  7. Buying Real Estate for Non-Canadians
  8. Home Staging – 10 tips for better sale
  9. Montreal MLS Barometer: Residential Market
  10. Condo Hunting: Price, Area and Size Matters
    À la recherche de Condos? L’important: Le prix, la superficie et les dimensions.