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Sold for $25 Million -Former Montreal Children’s Hospital

This isn’t the first nor will be the last time you’ll hear about the former Montreal Children’s hospital building. Right from the get-go, and even before the old moved into the new hospital, there were rumours of a new community development plans for the 120,000 square-meter-site.

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Intelligent Eco-Friendly Proposal for Silo No.5

Photo credit Ambroise Debret

Silo #5 has been in the news since early this year.

You probably remember reading about it…
All sorts of proposals from different organisations about the future functions for this landmark: anything from a hotel to a mixed-use condo development, an art gallery and even an observatory. The list of ideas goes on.

How to Protect Yourself When Buying New Construction

Following up with the article: New Condo Building Collapsing. Another great article by William Marsden from the Gazette, on how to protect yourself when buying new construction. The tips are quite interesting, I will add my own comments between the square brackets [ ]

The New Home Guarantee covers new condos that are part of small, one-to-fourstorey condo buildings. Highrise condo buildings are covered by private insurance plans.