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Club Sommet: Downtown, Hip and Affordable

It’s been a while since we spoke about the Club Sommet, ever since my visit to the project there are nothing but good news. The renovation of the existing units are now taking place, and there are many styles to choose from. I had the opportunity to visit the completely furnished condo models, from different sizes and layouts, which gives us a greater range of options. It is a lot easier to envision yourself living there once you see the actual finished units. And they have quite a few!

An interesting part of this project is the versatility and the customization of the units. They can modify units to enlarge them by combining two (or more) units to meet the client’s need. I haven’t heard of a project downtown that modify existing units, and I think is fantastic.

The lobby has a stylish concept with a high end design, and it will include a concierge service. The rooftop terrace will offer BBQ facilities and lounge chair (tanning, anyone?) There was also a mention of a health club, sauna and pool (indoor and outdoor).
Now, get this…they are making a small waterfall that you can view from the courtyard where the outdoor pool will be, surrounded with gardens.

Square Benny: Green Condo Development in NDG.

An Environmentally friendly construction.

Photo Source: McGill Immobilier

When we think about green, we imagine trees, open air, and nature. The words green development will make us envision a home community surrounded by gardens and trees, but we also think about eco-friendly housing: energy efficiency, recovered (recycled} construction materials, and all this we thought to be the way that our future homes will be built.

The Square Benny Condo Community was created by a private developer named McGill Development, the same who created the 777 Gosford, Orleans and M9 in Old Montreal.

Located in NDG, the Square Benny consist of two small buildings; 3 to 4 floor high, surrounded with, you guessed it, a lot of green spaces. Something that not many new condo projects are doing nowadays.

Unlike other mid-rise buildings, this project is made with a concrete structure, and with 8 inches of concrete slab in between each floor, the neighbours downstairs won’t hear you drop the spoon on the kitchen floor. Superb soundproofing.

Let’s talk about the heating and cooling system.

The first time I read the term “Hybrid Condos”, I thought: “What the heck? Another publicity stunt?”
Maybe some alien technology only available at this particular project. Then I heard: 55% of savings on your heating/cooling (energy) consumption.