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Old Montreal building: now for sale by the City of montreal


I’ve been following the progress on the new look of this building. First it was this abandoned front, then the make-up crew came into action, with a beautiful new cover .
Before I even got the chance to write about the airbrush design on the new cover of 22-26 Notre Dame ouest, there was a new sign on it.

A vendre par appel d’offres publiques”

So now the city is taking offers for this building, or whatever is left of it.
I made a call to see what the starting bid was at, and what I got is the following info:

Montreal’s most expensive condo. Whoa!

As you already know, Montreal’s first quarter market reports were released last week, and the average price of a condo is now $205,000, a 2% increase from last year. Well, a price like that won’t get you much in Montreal’s hottest spots.

If the average price is 205k, what’s the most expensive apartment for sale at this moment? We searched online for properties over 3 million in the metropolitan area, and came up with 3 winners. But this one gets the cake:

It’s located in Old Montreal. The asking price is over 4 million,