Vito Rizzuto’s House for Sale by Sotheby’s – La Presse

Photo: Edward Plante-Frechette

According to this La Presse article, Vito Rizzuto’s home is now for sale.
(do we need to explain who Vito Rizzuto is? We didn’t think so either!)

The home, with a municipal evaluation of 1 million dollars, is asking for $1, 995,000.It is listed with Sotheby’s agency. When the listing agent was asked if it will be difficult to sale the home of a mafia boss, she replied: “No, why would it be a problem? It’s a magnificent home. There are no obstructions to sale it. Vito Rizzuto is gone. We’ve already had a few visitors.”

Disclaimer: The post is only a commentary on a written article by La Presse. We are not the listing agency of the above-mentioned property, nor do we have affiliations