Well, hello.. (Welcome Message)

Hey there! I’m glad you could make it.


Today is a special day. We’re celebrating the blog’s (re)launching.

It’s been a while…For those who remember, we started blogging about real estate back in 2007 with a WordPress.com account. Over the years, and many blog make-overs later, we slowly built an audience with just under 400 articles.

However..life and work can sometimes get in the way of blog updates. But that’s the past. We’ve come back now under our new, easy to remember and quicker to type- Canadian domain MtlReal.ca (yay yay!)

A friendly word of caution while navigating…

The last 12 entries are from this year, it’s our most recent work. But if you browse further back you will find yourself reading the 2012 entries.

If this happens, don’t panic. You didn’t step into a time warp or the twilight zone. The content from 2013 through 2015 didn’t vanish, there are a few years of quiet space inside the blog. No biggie. Just enjoy the silence ; )

So here we are now in 2016, with a dozen articles and building what’s to come.

Hope you can stay with us and enjoy the ride through the Real Estate frenzy.

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