Where did your email message go?

August was a slow month for emails, I thought. Usually we’ll get a good amount of message from the blog. Our readers like to keep in touch, whether it is to ask questions, to follow up with their comments on a post I’ve written or simply to say hello.

I noticed a big drop in messages lately, and at first I thought it was because people were on vacation and away from computers, or not too interested in real estate at this point…who knows? But as it turns out, my email server has been directing a great deal of messages to the junk folder – the only folder I hardly ever check, because, well, it’s full of junk. And along with messages from pharmaceutical companies asking me to enlarge my male part (uh?), and the viagra campaigns, were the missing blog-reader messages from the month of Mid July, August and some September.

The glitch has been corrected now, the only question is…how many more “good emails” got sent to the junk folder and automatically deleted. Hopefully not many.

If you wrote to us during those weeks, chances are your message ended up in the junk folder and we’re now trying (as fast as we can) to reply to you. Your email was not ignored, we have nothing against your message, it was just misplaced.

At this point, I’m still catching up with unread and unanswered mail retrieved from the catastrophe. I promise I’ll get to yours soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!